Epic.Timeless. Monumental.
Qualities that often describe an opus whose subtle beauty and rigour continues to exert a broad weight of influence and provide a fount of inspiration.

The pictures were taken during various trips abroad and close to home, not solely for the purpose of documention or as mementos of personal travel, but mainly in the attempt to extract a more intimate understanding of the forces and ideas that shaped each form. The intangible becomes manifest through the photographic record of the spaces, where connections, commonalities, and shared themes are mapped through the visual clues interspersed throughout the structure. A purposeful knot of complements and contradictions in a rich fabric of brick, mortar, and concrete, woven to being by natural light.

Please feel free to contact me, Naquib Hossain, at naquib@gmail.com, with any questions, comments, or casual remarks. I hope the photographs do justice to the architect, and faithfully express his genius. This site remains a personal homage to Louis Kahn.


Technical notes:
The pictures were shot using an old minolta slr and colour slide film. Most of the b/w photographs were taken with agfa scala film. All were scanned and processed with photoshop to correct tone, colour, and when needed, perspective.